Gold Coast Malacca International Resort

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Gold¬† Coast Melacca International Resort shows a exclusively special buildings, wonderfully designed gardens as well as Five star holiday accommodation and amenities to maintain you as our visitor perfectly entertained on your stay. The Gold Coast Melaka by itself holds a variety of enjoyable Food and Baverage outlets for all our visitor to get pleasure from the richness of the country’s tradition and culture which will goals for making Malacca Gold Coast¬† a selective food dreamland, exhibits a variety of delicious cuisine in a very overall new comforting environment.

Our Enormous man-made clear water lake in Gold Coast Melaka will be the center point of numerous water sports as well as outdoor recreation for example boat pedaling , canoeing, and wind surfing including a 200ft rope suspension bridge. We provide you with an unwinding moment for all the family along with Three man-made gardening farms of spotted garoupa, tiger prawns, and other seafood delights. Gold Coast Melaka International Resort will certainly furthermore provide uniquely designed places for spirited sports including rock climbing, go-kart circuit, cascades, spiraling water and a number of other interesting attractions.