Privacy Policy

Gold Coast Malacca International Resort using cookies, in order to ensure that you get the information you requested. “Cookies” is a string that a website transfers to a user’s computer text. Delivered to your cookies (S) is anonymous. They will not reveal your personal identity, they will not follow you in your travel on the network, it can not capture personal data. Instead, they set up the user’s session cookie, and let our server to correctly provide site users with the appropriate frames and content. We do not care who is using our web site, but how to use our site. According to our customer’s requirements tracking to modify the use of our website. We pay attention to what information is requested and attempt to make it easier to find such information in the future. Please understand that any data captured from this system for internal use only, not shared with anyone, unless explicitly stated in the shooting. If you do not wish to receive these Cookie, you can set your browser to refuse cookies (consult how to do this for your particular browser’s instructions), but doing so may affect your ability to perform certain transactions website .

In the reservation form on our website, we provide a profile feature to make it easy for you to use our booking service to make online reservations. Information on personal data We respect your privacy and maintaining a secure server. It can be accessed, maintenance and use you, and only you. Gold Coast Malacca International Resort does not authorize any other use of your confidential information.

Security provided credit card information about your name, address, e-mail, you can provide any other personal information in our website the reservation form.

By third party internet sites linked to our website have separate privacy and data collection practices. We do not assume any responsibility for these third party policies or actions.